finance 1Axson has steadily increased business volumes by 60%.
Geographic diversification has been evident: 75% of sales come from areas outside of the parent company's homeland of France. We continue to invest in new markets and applications. We forecast that our entry into new markets will ensure sustained growth for the Group in the years ahead. For Axson Technologies, profitability is achieved by operational intelligence. We work safely, grow wisely, maintain our margins through business cycles and through it all, offer quality products and services to our customers that others cannot. Our focus remains on investing for strategic growth to effectively manage our businesses, consistently deliver innovation and continuously grow with our customers.

finance 2

We will focus on portfolio management, technology leadership, strategic customers and markets, and emerging geographies.
We will continue in our financial discipline, maintaining control of our financial destiny at all times, assuring a streamlined company that operates efficiently and cost-effectively. Direct commercial implantation, local production, proximity to our markets, heavy investment in research, training both internal and external for our clients continue to be vital aspects of our business strategy. Whether it is structural adhesives, encapsulation of electronic devices or technical composites, our clients for these products are global. They, in return, need a global supplier and have exacting standards for quality products as well as availability. Our clients consider this global availability of our products as the decisive factor in their choice of supplier. They also consider that Axson Technologies services, including technical support, are superior to that of our competitors. We have followed a consistent strategy of international growth. This geo diversification has been crowned with success. To accelerate this growth process, we continue to target acquisitions, market-leading companies, with whom synergy can be created.


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