After the successful acquisition of Axson Technologies by Sika AG in March 2015, the newly formed entity SikaAxson now enters the market as the leading supplier in the tooling and composites sector with an annual turnover of approximately €130 million, 450 employees, and a large network of distributors and retailers worldwide.


SikaAxson US services the North American market from its headquarters in Southeast Michigan. We provide a comprehensive product range for the creation, design, prototyping, and production of a variety of durable goods in the composites, tooling, marine, wind, foundry, automotive, transportation, recreation, sports, and leisure industries. Our polymer expertise extends to advanced technologies in the following product categories:

·         Adhesives

·         Modeling and Tooling Boards

·         Extrudable Epoxy Pastes

·         Epoxy Casting Systems

·         Fastcasts

·         Infusion Systems

·         Laminating Systems

·         Marine Products

·         Polyester Fillers

·         Epoxy Tooling Systems

·         Urethanes

·         Vacuum Casting Systems

·         Mold Making Silicones

·         Dielectrics

SikaAxson US proudly offers these products under the SIKA®, Axson Technologies®, ADTECH® Plastic Systems, ADTECH® Marine Systems, Tool Chemical Composites (TCC®), and Spartite® brands.


Our commitment to excellence and innovation, combined with exceptional technical expertise, gives us an unrivaled ability to custom-formulate solutions using epoxy, polyester, and polyurethane chemistries that meet the unique needs of customers in a wide variety of industries. State of the art R&D and QC facilities provide assurance of reproducible results in mission critical applications.


In our ongoing quest for continuous improvement, we maintain current certifications to both ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental standards. We pride ourselves on our global heritage, are committed to supplying quality products at competitive prices, and are dedicated to maintaining the highest efficiency and responsiveness in achieving our ultimate goal of guaranteed customer satisfaction.